‘What Can I Do?’

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel looked frustrated as he asked, “What can I do?” After yet another error in their loss against Everton.

Cesar Azilicueta was responsible for losing the ball to Richarlison during the first half. The Toffees won the match 1-0.

Speaking to the press after the match, via football.london, Tuchel showed his frustrations at yet another mistake.


The error against Everton adds to a handful of mistakes this season including ones against Real Madrid, which cost Chelsea a Champions League place and Arsenal, amongst others.

When asked if he can help his players cut out the errors in their game which have proven to be costly, he said: “No, what can I do?

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“The ball is free, then give a goal away. This is the worst thing that could happen in this environment. It happens all too often and it is difficult to avoid making big mistakes. We struggle to achieve results because of this. “


The Blues were sat in a comfortable position in the Premier League just a few weeks ago but losses to Brentford, Arsenal and Everton, as well as a draw to Manchester United, have seen their rivals creep up behind them. The Gunners are currently three points behind Tuchel’s men. This means that the Blues have been forced into a fight to be in the top four.

Chelsea should have four points from their remaining matches to qualify for Champions League football next season, but Tuchel will be hoping his side can make up the difference. It is worth noting, that Chelsea played the most matches in Europe this year due to their participation in the Club World Cup and FA Cup as well as Premier League matches. So tiredness was sure to creep in.

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