WATCH: Donovan Mitchell Has Another Poster Dunk Against The Knicks

WATCH: Donovan Mitchell Has Another Poster Dunk Against The Knicks thumbnail

We’re beginning to get at least one Donovan Mitchell poster. It’s a great idea and I’m all for it!

Friday’s dunk in Boston was great, but the one against the Knicks may be even better.

Watch it for yourself:

Oh my goodness! I thought he was going up for a layup. But Mitchell kept rising and rising until finally he threw it down with force. He was very Spida.

Mitchell has another great game for the Cavs. At the of the dunk, he had 28 huge points for a team that was struggling from the floor. He also has 10 assists too.

Later in the game, he was at line shooting free throws as the crowd changed “M-V–P.”

Can you blame them?

He’s currently averaging 31 points a game in the young season and Spida is showing no signs of slowing down.


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