WATCH: Caris LeVert Pulls Off Flashy Pass To Jarrett Allen

WATCH: Caris LeVert Pulls Off Flashy Pass To Jarrett Allen thumbnail

LeVert has a reputation for his high scoring ability and above-average defense. He can still make a smooth pass from the time he gets it.

LeVert demonstrated one of these flashy passes against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday night. In the second quarter, LeVert caught the ball on the wing and penetrated into the paint to make a one-handed pass to Jarrett Allen .

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This assist was one of six that Caris had during the first half. Although he struggled to get his shot moving, he is finding other ways to help the game.

The best part of this pass was Allen’s slam. He was in the perfect spot to receive it and seal his deal on the play.

Although it’s early in the season, you can see that this offense is really starting come together. LeVert’s amazing court awareness is just one example.


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