Walmart Mass Shooter Had Manifesto on Phone, Report

Walmart Mass Shooter Had Manifesto on Phone, Report thumbnail

Gunman Kept Manifesto On Phone

11/24/2022 11: 24 AM PT

The Walmart manager who shot six people in the Virginia department store had a manifesto on his cell phone. It was a rant about his job and his coworkers.

Andre Bing reportedly wrote in his manifesto that he was upset about a recent, unspecified change in his employment status. He also claimed he was being harassed about the change by his fellow employees … according to NBC News affiliate WAVY.

Facebook / Draayia Janaee

According to the report, which cites an official law enforcement source, cops found the manifesto in Bing’s phone after he committed suicide following Tuesday’s massacre. First responders discovered a “hit list” with the names and addresses of the employees that the killer wanted to eliminate near Bing’s corpse.

WAVY was told by a colleague that Bing planned the shooting. She claimed he had problems with other workers.

Other colleagues said that Bing said he would retaliate against anyone who fired him. According to them, Bing was “condescending” and “quite mean” to other employees. They also claimed that Bing was paranoid and the government was watching him.

As we reported, Bing was carrying a gun when he entered the Walmart employee break room in Chesapeake. He opened fire at the other workers before turning the gun on himself.

SWAT units raided Bing’s home this week… and despite the manifesto cops claim they are still investigating a motive.

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