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Arthur Planetarium

Welcome To Burnsville, NC. Here, the air is clean, the temperature is perfect, and people are friendly. Established in 1834, Burnsville is the perfect small-town mountain getaway, just 40 minutes northeast of Asheville. Burnsville boasts beautiful mountain views, a walkable Main Street and colorful street murals. It also has quaint art galleries. Locally-owned restaurants, eateries, breweries and bars offer unique dining experiences for locals and tourists. You can find the perfect gift, antique or fashion accessory, as well as the latest home decor, jewelry, and other accessories in historic downtown. You will feel our warm hospitality no matter where you go in Yancey County.

Burnsville is home to Mount Mitchell, the highest point east of the Mississippi River at 6,684 feet. Mount Mitchell State Park is one of the first national parks. It has an easy-accessible observation deck, concessions and camping facilities. There are also hiking trails that lead to challenging hikes in the surrounding wilderness areas. Access Mount Mitchell State Park’s unmatched views via the Blue Ridge Parkway, “America’s Favorite Drive” at milepost 355.4 in Yancey County.

Roaring Fork Falls
Roaring Fork Falls

With nearly 100 miles of hiking trails, there’s no better place to explore than in Yancey County. You can chart your own route or work with an outfitter to explore the great outdoors. You will find pristine forests, clean rivers and stunning views. There are also cool waterfalls like Roaring Fork Falls, Crabtree Falls and Setrock Creek Falls. There are endless opportunities to hike, camp, fish, kayak, ride, or cycle.

After a day spent in the great outdoors, return to town to stay in one of our cozy cabins and inns. Mount Mitchell EcoRetreat is a former dude ranch that has been converted to a mountain escape. Or, you can relax at the Nu Wray Hotel, which reopened in 2023.. High-speed internet is available in the Blue Ridge Mountains. You can either catch up on work or disconnect completely while you are there.

Start your day with an Appalachian-inspired breakfast from Pig & Grits. Or grab a cup of coffee at Appalachian Java. You can save your appetite for the evening with a beer at Homeplace Beer Co. followed by dinner at Cast Iron Kitchen. Chef Chris Hall insists that only fresh ingredients are used to create a memorable culinary experience.

Homeplace Beer Co.
Homeplace Beer Co.

Spend the day exploring the town’s shops and galleries. Burnsville is home of hundreds of artists and crafters who create unique, original objects from clay, glass, metal, wood, and fiber. Toe River Arts Studio Tour offers a self-guided, free tour of artists’ studios, as well as the opportunity to view their work, processes and studio spaces. You should also check out the many other shops on Main Street, such as Monkey Business, which is a local toy shop that will make you feel like a child again, regardless of your age.

View the night sky at Bare Dark Sky Observatory with the Southeast’s largest telescope. This International Dark Sky Park is a certified place to view the wonders of the galaxy and beyond. Each two-hour stargazing session offers visitors a chance to soak up 360-degree views of the moon, planets, and stars. The observatory’s newly opened Arthur Planetarium is the perfect place to take your stargazing adventures indoors. View the world’s skies, experience places around the globe, and enjoy laser light shows in the 60-seat planetarium with a 36′ projection dome.

While Burnsville is proud of its roots in Appalachia and its pioneering spirit, it offers a wide range of experiences for visitors.

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