Vanilla Ice Is a Liar, Says ‘Ice Ice Baby’ Co-Writer

Vanilla Ice Is a Liar, Says 'Ice Ice Baby' Co-Writer thumbnail

Vanilla Ice
Called Out as “a Liar, Bro!” ‘
Suge’s pal says he wrote all of ‘Ice Ice Baby ‘

6/8/2022 2: 09 PM PT

Rap music’s debut song to reach No. 1 on Billboard — Vanilla Ice‘s “Ice Ice Baby” — is still one of its most controversial, as one of Ice’s collaborators comes forward claiming the rapper’s a total fraud.

Mario “Chocolate” Johnson — the man Suge Knight infamously appointed as co-writer of the eventual blockbuster track — went off in a new interview with “The Art Of Dialogue,” exposing what he says was Ice’s true contribution to his debut record … ZERO!!!

Mario ripped Ice, aka Rob Van Winkle, saying … “He said he wrote ‘Ice Ice Baby’ at 16 … he didn’t write NO parts of that song! “

Vanilla Ice has disputed Johnson’s work in the past … perhaps most passionately in his ABC interview in the 90s when the incident was still fresh in his mind.

According to urban legend, Suge and his henchman physically weakened Ice by hanging him from a hotel balcony and making him urinate in order for him to sign over part of the writing credits. This was what funded Death Row Records’ launch.

All parties (including Suge), agree that the Vanilla Ice hung over-a-balcony mafia style was lavishly embellished.

Although Ice admitted that he did go on the balcony to feel intimidated, this is where the physical contact ends. Mario also backs that up and says the heated meeting was not about Ice Ice Baby at all. Instead, it was about 8 other songs on Ice’s album “To the Extreme.” “

In addition to the single being one of the biggest songs of all time, the album sold more than 15 million units worldwide … and Mario says that’s what he and Suge were really after that day.

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