Ukraine’s Zelensky Arrives at White House, Meets President Biden

Ukraine's Zelensky Arrives at White House, Meets President Biden thumbnail

Ukraine’s Zelensky
I’m at The White House with Biden

12/21/2022 11: 34 AM PT

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky just shook hands with President Joe Biden at the White House, his first trip outside his war-torn country since Vladimir Putin‘s forces invaded.

Zelensky rolled up to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in an SUV Wednesday afternoon, climbing out the passenger door and immediately greeting POTUS and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden before heading inside for a meeting.

Ukraine’s president is in Washington D.C. because he’s set to address a joint session of Congress later tonight, but first he’s talking shop with Biden … and seriously dressing down.

It’s quite a contrast between fashion styles… Biden is wearing a jacket & tie, while Zelensky is wearing his signature green pullover and some jeans.


Zelensky’s addressed Congress before, but not in person. He appeared remotely the first time he returned in March, shortly after the Russian invasion. This time he was invited to D.C. for an in-person visit by Nancy Pelosi.

Meanwhile, back in the Ukraine … the war just crossed the 300-day milestone and the U.S. is sending more weapons to arm the Ukrainians, including artillery, missiles, grenade launchers, armored trucks and mortars.

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