TSA raising fines after finding record guns in carry-ons

TSA raising fines after finding record guns in carry-ons thumbnail

The Transportation Security Administration has raised the fine for anyone caught with a firearm in their carry-on bag. This is after they intercepted a record number this year at security checkpoints.

The TSA said Friday it’s raising the maximum fine to $14,950. Previously it was $13,910.

TSA has found 6 ,301 firearms inside carry-on bags this year, surpassing previous record of 5 ,972 in 2021.. These numbers have been steadily increasing over the past decade. In 2012, 1 ,549 firearms had been detected at security checkpoints.

Eighty-eight percent of the guns found this year were loaded, the TSA said.

Firearm possession laws are subject to change depending on where you live, but guns cannot be carried on at airport security checkpoints, even if you have a concealed-weapon permit. Passengers who are carrying firearms must keep them in locked bags in their checked baggage. The TSA also stated that they must declare firearms to the airline.

At an earlier congressional hearing, some lawmakers and airport officials called for more severe penalties, gun safety classes, and other measures for violators. They claimed that maximum fines are rarely imposed and don’t work as a deterrent.

But, other lawmakers stated that most passengers who are caught with guns forget they were there and that higher fines won’t solve the problem.

When the TSA discovers a gun, it checks to see if it has been stolen or used in a crime. The gun may also be confiscated by the agency.

In additional to the fine —-, which is determined by the TSA based upon the circumstances of each case —-, the TSA will revoke PreCheck eligibility at least five years for anyone found with a firearm at a security checkpoint. Depending on the location of the airport, passengers may be arrested for firearms violations.

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