The Top 5 Plays from Friday’s Celtics-Heat Game

The Top 5 Plays from Friday's Celtics-Heat Game thumbnail

The top five plays from Friday’s Celtics Heat game include Noah Vonleh’s thunderous throwdown and Jaylen Brown beating Jimmy Butler. Jayson Tatum spins his way to two points. Brown also scores a fadeaway to win over Bam Adebayo, and Tatum keeps the Heat ahead.

Noah Vonleh’s Tommy Point

Noah Vonleh’s first shift of the game was an impactful one. He grabbed five rebounds, including three at offensive end, and swatted two shots. He also threw down two jams, including the one above in nine minutes.

Jaylen Brown Bests Jimmy Butler

The Heat couldn’t stay in front of Jaylen Brown, who produced 28 points, all night. The play above is no exception. Brown has Jimmy Butler protecting him, and he’s feigning interest in Bam Adebayo. But he isn’t deterred.

When Brown slows down, Adebayo retreats towards Derrick White. Brown has plenty of room to get into the paint so Butler must sell out to stay ahead of him as he goes downhill. Brown stops on a dime and dribbles behind him, before he breaks to the left side.

Jayson Tatum Spins His Way to Two Points

That’s an All-NBA move right there, as Tatum spins by Caleb Martin and generates two of his game-high 29 points. This basket was also part of a 6-0 Tatum run.

Bam Adebayo Did Everything He Could to Avoid Being on the Wrong Side of Top 5 Plays, But It Wasn’t Enough

Good defense; better offense, as Brown uncorks a fadeaway jumper over the outstretched arm of Adebayo.

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Jayson Tatum’s a Step Ahead of the Heat

When Butler tells Lowry to take Marcus Smart, he likely thinks that by opening his defensive stance, he can persuade Tatum to drive to the middle and into the double team. Tatum is one step ahead of Butler, using a behind-the back dribble just before Butler. With Gabe Vincent shading towards midfield, when the Celtics’ star changes directions, he leaves two Miami defenders in his path and then elevates for an over-the-shoulder floater.

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