Taylor Swift Fans’ Attorney Says Ticketmaster Has to Change, They Want a Trial

Taylor Swift Fans' Attorney Says Ticketmaster Has to Change, They Want a Trial thumbnail

Taylor Swift Fans
Ticketmaster Can’t Sway Us with Seats
… Industry Must Change!!!

12/6/2022 3: 52 PM PT


Dozens of Taylor Swift fans, and one angry lawyer/Swiftee, want Ticketmaster to stand trial for allegedly screwing them outta tickets … and right now at least, they’re not interested in settling.

Attorney Jennifer Kinder filed the lawsuit last week against Ticketmaster, and she joined us Tuesday on “TMZ Live,” and explained why she’s not buying the company’s claim that the presale event problems were simply a supply and demand issue.

Jennifer says it really comes down to simple math, and it should have been clear to Ticketmaster things were gonna go south when it gave out way more presale codes than there were seats available for Taylor’s ‘Eras’ tour dates.

TMZ broke the story … the fans are alleging Ticketmaster essentially got into bed with scalpers by allowing bots to block real fans from getting tickets — and the reason comes down to money. They claim Ticketmaster benefits financially when scalpers resell tickets.

Jennifer tells us the lawsuit’s gotten the attention of disappointed Swiftees all around the country … and she’ll be adding more plaintiffs beyond the original 26 who sued.

You’ll recall, chaos broke out during the November 15 presale event. Tons of fans were left in limbo, as they tried to snag tickets and most of them never lucked up. Taylor has called out Ticketmaster over the issue … and even the Tennessee Attorney General and the Justice Department opened an investigation.

The bottom line, for Jennifer, is that Ticketmaster was never going to be able to satisfy the demand … and that’s from a legal standpoint, and a Swiftee’s point of view!l!

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