SEC Return Rankings: Where Does Texas A&M Aggies Men’s Basketball Land?

SEC Return Rankings: Where Does Texas A&M Aggies Men's Basketball Land? thumbnail

Texas A&M Aggies men’s basketball lost some familiar faces this offseason. Despite the fact that they lost in the NIT Champion , it was a memorable season in program history.

But Buzz Williams’ most important players are back to make sure the Aggies remain a threat in the SEC.

With all the new changes around the SEC, 247Sports revealed its conference program rankings on Saturday for next season based on the returning talent for each team. Although the Aggies may have lost leading scorer Quenton Jack ,, the conference’s returning talent is still among the best.

Here’s why 247 ranked the Aggies fifth on the list:

Expectations are high for Texas A&M and they should be. The Aggies looked very dangerous in March of last year, especially after they defeated some major-time teams in SEC Tournament. Buzz Williams is getting back a lot of rotation players, including Henry Coleman III, Tyrece Radiford, and Wade Taylor. Manny Obaseki could be a breakout star, and Texas A&M has added some great transfers like Dexter Dennis (Wichita State), Julius Marble(Michigan State), Khalen Robin (Arkansas), and Andersson Garcia [Mississippi State].

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Jackson is testing the NBA Draft waters, while Hassan Diarra, who announced his transfer to UConn in May, played in all 40 games and had two game-winning 3-pointers last season. The SEC’s best transfer additions have left A&M with plenty to look forward to in the next season.

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