Ryan Clark Ripped For Saying Chris Brown’s ‘More Talented’ Than Michael Jackson

Ryan Clark Ripped For Saying Chris Brown's 'More Talented' Than Michael Jackson thumbnail

Ryan Clark On Chris Brown
CB’s ‘More Talented’ Than Michael Jackson
… Immediately Gets Ripped

6/6/2022 3: 30 PM PT

If Ryan Clark‘s goal for Monday was to stir things up, mission accomplished … the former NFL star just kicked a hornet’s nest by saying Chris Brown is “more talented” than the legendary Michael Jackson!

He was immediately criticized for it… The ex-safety received all manner of hateful comments from Twitter users after he tweeted that controversial statement.

“Chris Brown has more talent than Michael Jackson,” Clark said. Have a great week. “

“I do not care!! You beat CB and MJ at the talent Olympics Chris Brown wins. “

The responses RC received were hilarious — from GIFs and some fans asking Clark if he was high or drunk… ’cause they couldn’t believe a sober brain could come up with such a comparison.

“Drinking early this morning??” One fan said, “Drinking early this morning?”

Another person thought Ryan needed a Snickers candy bars… and said, “I trust your judgment and highly respect you, but maybe you are hungry or something!” Keep smiling! “

Clark — who currently works for ESPN — even got ripped by his colleagues … Marcus Spears hit him with the classic ‘how?’ GIF. Cowboys writer Clarence Hill Jr. even got in on the fun, responding, “get your boy man”.

Disclaimer: Zero shade goin’ Chris’ way … he’s obviously suuuuuper talented.

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