Robert Blake’s Son Says Oscars Disrespectful for ‘Memoriam’ Omission

Robert Blake's Son Says Oscars Disrespectful for 'Memoriam' Omission thumbnail

Robert Blake
Son Says Kimmel Joke in Poor Taste
… Upset About Oscars ‘Memoriam’ Omission

3/14/2023 11: 00 AM PT

Robert Blake getting left out of the Oscars “In Memoriam” tribute was a big mistake on The Academy’s part — at least, according to the late actor’s son, who’s also pissed his dad’s death was a punchline.

Noah Blake tells TMZ … people are allowed to have their own opinion about his father — which obviously many have — but he says when it comes to an annually anticipated segment like the Oscars Memoriam, opinions shouldn’t be a factor.

He also points out his dad wasn’t the only one left out … as you know, stars like Tom Sizemore, Anne Heche, and Paul Sorvino were excluded from the broadcast. It’s something that seems to happen every year, and Noah thinks it once again wasn’t handled well.


Noah also gave us his thoughts on Jimmy Kimmel‘s joke about whether or not to include Robert in the segment — obviously, he found it to be in poor taste. He also says it landed flat, because he was confused if the “interactive portion” was legit or just a gag.

For what it’s worth, the audience laughed … clearly getting it was a gag.

He adds he doesn’t usually believe in jokes being “too soon,” but points out the fine line Jimmy was walking on when he poked fun at the actor.

Noah tells us he’s going to go live on Instagram at 5: 30 PM PST Tuesday to talk about his dad and his life.

As we reported, Robert died last Thursday … 3 days before the Oscars, meaning there certainly was time to add him to the “In Memoriam” montage — but it’s clear that was never the plan.

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