Paul Pelosi’s Damaged Porsche 911 Set To Be Auctioned After DUI Crash

Paul Pelosi's Damaged Porsche 911 Set To Be Auctioned After DUI Crash thumbnail

Paul Pelosi
Damaged 2021 Porsche Set To Be Auctioned
… Following DUI Crash

8/25/2022 12: 50 AM PT

Paul Pelosi‘s vehicle, which he was driving during his May DUI crash, is set to go to the highest bidder at an upcoming auction.

According to the listing on, there’s no date set for the auction yet … but the 2021 Porsche 911 Carrera S has a retail value of $168,576 — of course, that’s before factoring in the wreck.

There was some damage done to the undercarriage and side of the car, especially that back bumper. The odometer shows the vehicle wasn’t used much since first purchased — it only has 2,738 miles.

Pelosi’s ride is currently sitting at a lot in Martinez, CA — about 30 miles away from Napa, where the accident went down.

As we reported, Nancy Pelosi‘s husband pled guilty to DUI this week, getting a sentence of 3 years probation and 5 days jail time, 4 of which were already served. He won’t serve the one remaining day … he’ll enter a 8-hour court-ordered work program.

Recently-obtained photos from the May crash show the damage done to his car at the scene … seemingly in worse condition than the Jeep that hit him.


We also got dashcam video from that night, showing Pelosi trying his hardest to avoid a breathalyzer test — opting for a field sobriety test, which did not go well.

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