Paul George Shares Support For Russell Westbrook

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Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook is having a difficult time in LA. The anticipated homecoming was going to be exciting, but instead it has been met with a lot of hate from the media and fans. Although Westbrook’s performance is not as good as he and the organization would like, some of the hate has been justified.

A recent example of this was Wednesday’s preseason game. Videos showed Westbrook seemingly disregarding the team while they were huddled together without him. Patrick Beverley tried to call Westbrook into a huddle once, but the veteran point guard refused to join. This video and the one taken before the game were cut short so neither of them tells the whole story.

Westbrook addressed media on Thursday about both videos and explained that they were taken from context. Westbrook stated that he has been doing this for years. The other video was taken in-game. Westbrook stated that he was having a conversation with the coaching staff and then joined his teammates.

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Also on Thursday, Westbrook’s former teammate and current LA Clippers star Paul George shared support for the Lakers guard on Twitter:

George has always been supportive of Westbrook, even after the two went their separate ways in the summer of 2019. George came out in support of his former teammate, despite the latest story being made out to be false.

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