Pair Of Dodgers Earn Gold Glove Finalist Honors

Pair Of Dodgers Earn Gold Glove Finalist Honors thumbnail

While there is some light on the players who were not selected for the Golden Glove Finalists List, the spotlight will be on the Dodgers All-Stars Mookie Bets as well as Tyler Anderson who were elected as finalists to the Rawlings Baseball Golden Glove Awards.

Managers and coaches have seen the outstanding play of the two men throughout the season. Betts best known for his incredible plays in the outfield and Anderson finishing the season with a 15-5 record and 2. 57 ERA.

There is a reason teams don’t ever run against Mookie .. He makes plays that seem impossible but make it just another day at the ball park.

Anderson was subbed out early in an elimination game against the Padres and was well on his way to what looked like another masterclass performance. After the questionable decision, the Padres won the game and fans called for Dave Roberts’ head.

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Simply put, you put your best players out on the field at all times and with Mookie and Anderson delivering all season long, the Dodgers found themselves as the best team in baseball. It remains to be determined what the final verdict will be, but it seems like there are high chances for both of these top players in the league. The Dodgers could make a case for more players being listed as finalists for their respective positions, like Freddie Freeman or Will Smith, but the Dodgers should be proud enough with what they have.

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