Nick Fuentes Throws Drink At Couple at In-N-Out Burger During Food Fight

Nick Fuentes Throws Drink At Couple at In-N-Out Burger During Food Fight thumbnail

White Nationalist Nick Fuentes
Food Fight at In-N-Out …
Hold the Ketchup, Hold the Soda

12/3/2022 6: 08 AM PT

Nick Fuentes found out the hard way he’s not welcome in Los Angeles … ‘cuz the white nationalist just got in a food fight with a couple at a famed In-N-Out Burger.

Check out the video, obtained by TMZ, showing Nick holding a large cup … without warning he pitches it across the Hollywood restaurant early Saturday morning. Liquid from the cup showers everyone in its path … and the doused diners look at Nick in utter shock.

Another video captured the moment Fuentes left the joint before the situation escalated … as he’s walking out, one patron mocks him for supposedly misidentifying himself, shouting, “F–k Nick Fuentes. You racist!!”

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ … Fuentes and a friend were eating when a couple approached them and got into a dispute. It’s unclear what the beef was about … but, as you know, Nick has been in the news lately with Kanye West spreading antisemitic hate everywhere they go … so just use your imagination.

Anyway, the couple got so pissed they threw ketchup-filled paper cups at Fuentes, splashing him with the condiment. The man and women then turned to walk out … that’s when Nick lost it, tossing his drink at them.

We’re told the drink missed the couple. Nick left with his friend about 5 minutes later.

Police were not called.

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