Make Holiday Memories in Gettysburg

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The holidays are a special time of the year in Gettysburg. It’s when the past comes alive with festive celebrations! It’s the perfect way to enjoy the incomparable history, enduring charm and endless recreational fun.

Gettysburg is a unique destination that has been recognized as one of the most historic and popular tourist destinations in the country. It is nestled in idyllic Adams County and offers stunning scenery, outdoor activities, adventurous dining, and-perhaps most importantly-a firsthand look at the country’s inspiring and dramatic past. It is a must-see on any trip to Gettysburg. You can feel its solemn importance by taking a winter tour of the hallowed battlefield. The immense impact of our past is clearly visible among the memorials and monuments. Take a moment to be inspired by the Soldiers National Cemetery. This is where President Abraham Lincoln gave his powerful “Gettysburg Address.” There are hundreds of holiday wreaths placed on the graves of Civil War soldiers. You can explore the story beyond the battlefield at a variety venues that tell the story of the local aftermath, allowing you to step in the shoes civilians whose lives were changed by three days of fighting in the home they called home.

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Outdoor lovers will enjoy a hike through beautiful state parks or a nature preserve located just a few minutes from the town. These trails are pet-friendly and great for people who travel with their furry friend. Take a stroll through the historic downtown and the brightly decorated area around Lincoln Square. Interactive museums and education centers offer insight into the fascinating backstory of our country. You can test your skills in a period-authentic escape game. Charming shops offer unique antiques, handmade treasures and Civil War artifacts that make the perfect holiday gift for loved ones. You can find everything you need in the nearby premium outlet shops, including the latest fashions and unique Christmas specialties. If you feel the spirit calling, you can snuggle together and take a ghost tour of famous haunts at night. Local artists draw inspiration from agriculture, history, and nature. Meet a potter who also runs a family farm stand that supports sustainable farming. Meet a painter who has a studio for public art hidden amongst the hillsides of her country house.

And the whole region is filled with delicious, local foodie-friendly dining establishments that offer a wide range of farm-to-table dishes in a variety of styles. You can enjoy unique, modern meals prepared by award-winning chefs. Or, grab a quick bite at a popular pizzeria. The Adams County Pour Tour is a popular trail for craft beers, ciders, meads, and spirits.

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Whatever your preferences in lodgings, Gettysburg has them all. Gettysburg has everything you need for a relaxing holiday.

Create your holiday history in Gettysburg

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