Madonna Posts Topless Photos on Social Media

Madonna Posts Topless Photos on Social Media thumbnail

Strikes a Nude Pose!

10/28/2022 5: 07 PM PT

Madonna is certainly feeling herself this Friday, posting some topless selfies for her fans to enjoy heading into the weekend.

Madonna posted the sexy snaps to her IG account, carefully adding emojis to her nipples.

Of course, she’s gotta be careful to censor herself on the platform, hoping not to piss off Mark Zuckerberg, it seems.

We’re sharing a censored copy of Madonna’s posts. But, the real deal is on her page.

It seems that Madonna is trying to send a message through her use of nipple covering emojis. One breast has a candy and the other has the money bag emoji. She also posted another topless selfie in which she added the phrase “went form candy to money” over her nipples.

Remember … Madonna recently revealed her current obsession is sex, and it seems she’s still got it on her mind.

BTW … she also just celebrated the 30th anniversary of her “Sex” book, so clearly, it’s on her mind.

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