Mac Miller’s Drug Dealer Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison

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Mac Miller
Drug Dealer Gets 11 Years in Prison

4/18/2022 1: 28 PM PT

One of the drug dealers who supplied fentanyl-laced pills to Mac Miller just received his sentence after copping a plea last year — and he’s going to prison for a long time.

Ryan Reavis will be behind bars for 10 years and 11 months after pleading guilty in November to one count of distributing fentanyl. The sentence is longer than what Reavis himself had asked for — 5 years — but shorter than the 12.5 years prosecutors were gunning for.

Remember … the feds say Reavis supplied the deadly oxycodone pills to Mac’s alleged drug dealer, Cameron Pettit … on orders from Stephen Walter, who also recently pled guilty to distributing fentanyl. Reavis claimed Monday that he was merely a middleman.

He claimed that he didn’t know that the pills he was selling were fake. Despite this, the judge seemed to have dished out an even-handed sentence — but not before hearing a statement from MM’s mother, Karen Meyers.

It said, in part, “He would never, ever, knowingly take a pill containing fentanyl.” He wanted to live, and was excited about the future. “The hole in my heart will always remain.” She also stated that the alleged dealers/suppliers in the case were solely responsible.

As we reported … Reavis was first arrested back in 2019 out in Arizona — where authorities say they found a bogus doctor’s notepad, from which he presumably filled prescriptions. They also claimed that they found firearms, drugs, including prescription-only pills and marijuana.

Just to keep it all straight, Reavis (the alleged supply) is the first of three men who have been charged and received his sentence. Walter, the alleged runner, has not yet been sentenced. Pettit, the alleged dealer is still on trial.

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