Lizzo Changing Controversial Song Lyric in ‘Grrrls’ After Backlash

Lizzo Changing Controversial Song Lyric in 'Grrrls' After Backlash thumbnail

I’m Changing Harmful Lyric
… I Listened to Backlash

6/13/2022 4: 48 PM PT

Lizzo‘s changing a controversial lyric in her new song after online backlash … acknowledging words have power and saying she doesn’t want to promote derogatory language.

Here’s what the deal is — Lizzo dropped “Grrls” Friday and received a lot of criticism on social media for using the term “sp*z”, in her lyrics.

Lizzo’s opening verse was as follows: “Hold my bag bitch/ Hold your bag/ Do you see this ?/?/ I’m about knock somebody out/ Yo. Where is my best friend/ She’s the only one who can talk me out of the deep end. “

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After taking a lot of heat this weekend, Lizzo said Monday that she had listened to the concerns and made a decision.

Lizzo claims she’s been the victim of a lot of hurtful comments over the years, as she is a self-described “fat black woman” in America. She also says that she knows the power words have.

She insists that there was no malicious intent behind the original lyrics, and she says she’s proud of making a change to a new version. The song samples “Girls”, by the Beastie Boys.

Lizzo… “As an artist of influence, I’m committed to being part the change I’ve been looking for in the world. “

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