Lakers: NBA Execs Believe LA Could Trade for Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving

Lakers: NBA Execs Believe LA Could Trade for Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving thumbnail

For the second week in a row, a landmark NBA day was overshadowed by Brooklyn Nets drama. Last week, it was a report that Kyrie Irving was “expected” to pursue sign-and-trade options moments before the NBA draft began. Yesterday, it was Kevin Durant requesting a trade from Brooklyn just hours before the official start of NBA free agency. Of course, any time there’s a marquee player available, the Lakers rumors start flying. 

The foundation for the speculation is reports of Kyrie being “focused” on coming to the Lakers. That has led some NBA executives to suggest that perhaps the Lakers could somehow pull of an earth-shattering (or flattening?) trade for both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving per ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.

“But it has been floated to me by executives that, if they were to be kept together that the Lakers would potentially have a package that you could trade for both of them. But we don’t know, it’s too fragile, it’s too fragile because we just don’t know where KD and Kyrie are if they’re still interested in [playing] together.”

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A potential blockbuster trade what lands Kyrie and KD in LA would be a shock for many, many reasons. In addition to Anthony Davis being included in a hypothetical deal, Durant has long been reticent to join a team led by LeBron James. Plus, if KD is asking for a trade, after Kyrie just opted into the final year of his contract, that suggests that the relationship between the two probably isn’t in a great place at the moment.

Nevertheless, Windhorst pointed out why the Lakers are probably the one team willing to possibly repeat Brooklyn’s mistakes.

“But it would take after seeing what happened when they were together, almost no team with options would do it, but the Lakers don’t have options so that’s the only place I heard that it’s possible.”

Now, the Lakers aren’t apparently a team Durant has included on his trade wish list and chances are, dealing with Kyrie again probably isn’t on the list either.

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