Klay Thompson Opens Up On Draymond, Poole Fight, Winning ‘Cures All’

Klay Thompson Opens Up On Draymond, Poole Fight, Winning 'Cures All' thumbnail

Klay Thompson
Opens up on Poole, Draymond Fight
… Winning ‘Cures All’

12/9/2022 4: 13 PM PT

Klay Thompson believes Draymond Green‘s attack on teammate Jordan Poole will eventually be nothing but a “blip on the story” … saying the team will be farther away from the incident the more they win.

Klay spoke about the October practice altercation in an interview with ESPN’s Malika Andrews this week … saying he wasn’t too concerned about the impact it would have on the team’s chemistry as long as they handled business on the court.

Klay Thompson sat down with @malika_andrews and discussed the adversity in his career and how he wants to be remembered.

“If [the Warriors] were to get [five or more championships], I think that would really cement us as a dynasty of the ages.” pic.twitter.com/YloUrJBLQd

— NBA on ESPN (@ESPNNBA) December 9, 2022

“It is unfortunate that it got leaked but those guys, Jordan and Draymond, are all brothers,” Klay said. “I knew that time heals all injuries, just like the old saying goes. I know that winning and having fun cures everything. “

” We’re playing that Warriors basketball again, and once we continue doing so, I think it will be just a blip in the story. “

It wasn’t all gravy for the Dubs, though — they were slow out the gate, going 3-7 to start the season … and many wondered if the practice incident had anything to do with it.

But they’ve made a big change recently and are now. 500 and looking much better.

Draymond Green Allegedly Called Poole 'Bitch' at Practice Before Punch


Draymond Green Allegedly called Poole ‘Bitch” at Practice Before Punch

Klay also spoke about what his dad — ex-NBAer Mychal Thompson — thought of the altercation … saying, “He tried to downplay it. “

“I mean, he played in the ’80s. They were fighting each other every other game. I’ve seen Larry Bird have to fight off three 76ers once. Dr. J and him choking each other. He comes from a different generation. “

” I was worried at the beginning,” Thompson said. Thompson said, “Man, I was worried at first. We can all be friends again. He’s like “Klay”, I used to see these things all the time back in our day. It’s not uncommon for teammates to get into fights. It’s a brotherhood. Just forget it. ‘”

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