‘Kings of Pain’ Stars Say They Draw The Line at Animals With Deadly Venom

'Kings of Pain' Stars Say They Draw The Line at Animals With Deadly Venom thumbnail

‘Kings of Pain’ Stars Adam & Rob
We Have a Limit on Venomous Bite …
Hard pass on Rattlesnakes

5/26/2022 2: 58 PM PT


Even the “Kings of Pain”, have a limit on being bitten by poisonous animal… so we are told that rattlesnakes should be avoided.

History Channel stars Adam Thorn and Rob Alleva joined us on “TMZ Live” Thursday and told us why they’re down to keep getting bitten by animals whose poisonous venom is geared towards defensive purposes, and where the cutoff lies.

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The guys puked and were hospitalized following a bite from a Mexican beaded lizard, and they say that’s about as much as they can handle … because if they were to cross into deadly venom territory, the stakes are obviously much higher.

The way Rob and Adam see it, rattlesnakes are on the attack when they get a poisonous bite. These bites can have life-threatening consequences or even lead to death.

In the second season, they are bitten by lizards.

Rob are passionate about pushing their boundaries, but some animals are clearly beyond their reach.

The “Kings of Pain” aren’t just doing this for bragging rights either … they’ve also got scientific reasons behind their death pain wish.

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