Kim Kardashian Says She Wants Kanye West to Be Happy with GF Chaney Jones

Kim Kardashian Says She Wants Kanye West to Be Happy with GF Chaney Jones thumbnail

Kim Kardashian
I Just Want Kanye To Be Happy
… His New Girlfriend Seems Lovely

4/12/2022 10: 06 AM PT

Not Fat, Not Skinny

Kim Kardashian just wants Kanye West to be happy … and believes his new GF is a great thing in his life so long as he’s enjoying his time with her.

Kim spilled a ton of details about her life on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat Podcast” Tuesday — everything from Pete, her family, her businesses and where she stands with Kanye.

Kim said that while she and Kanye aren’t communicating much right now, she knows that this will change in the future. She believes they’ll be able to have a healthy relationship. Interestingly enough, Kim also talks about Kanye’s girlfriend, Chaney Jones … who has been dubbed a Kim look-alike.

You can tell Kim is sincere when she says that she wants Kanye to have a happy life. It seems Jones does the same for Kanye. She also said that she doesn’t mind the look-alike comparisons. It’s what he likes.

Not Fat, Not Skinny

For those who feel they have to choose between Kim and Kanye, Kim says that you can have equal love for each.

Kim also spoke about the first time she and Pete met on “Saturday Night Live,” and revealed that there was definitely a spark between them that hasn’t – and never will – go away.

Pete has been out on dates nightly since becoming public, and they are now heading to A.O.C. (no, not the politician) for dinner Monday night in West Hollywood … the couple added extra room for Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez.

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