Kanye West’s House Next to Kim’s on Ice, No Evidence He’s Moving In

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Kanye West
House he Bought Next To Kim’s on Ice …
Remodel Seems Stalled

4/13/2022 1: 00 AM PT

Kanye West is either having second thoughts on moving or he’s taking a long time to decide exactly what he wants to do with the property he bought next to Kim Kardashian‘s Hidden Hills estate.

You’ll remember, Ye bought the modest crib back in December because he wanted to be closer to his kids as he and Kim navigated their divorce and their future as co-parents. He was trying to reconcile his relationship with Kim at the time he purchased the house.

We searched the Hidden Hills building records and found that Kanye has not obtained any construction permits. He had planned to gut the house, which required a lot of work. There is no evidence that he or his team of contractors have obtained permits to work on the property.

Of course, Kanye’s already deep into renovations on a beach home in Malibu he paid nearly $60 million for … so it’s not like Kanye isn’t into home renovation. It’s possible that Kanye is working on plans with an architect and haven’t submitted them yet to the city. However, neighbors have told us they haven’t seen any activity at their home.

Kanye wanted the fixer-upper because it’s a stone’s throw from the family house Kanye built after purchasing it together in 2014. As we reported, Kim bought the house from him for $23 mil, and Ye wanted the other home so he could be near the kids. The truth is that Malibu is not far from Hidden Hills, so it wouldn’t be difficult to transport the kids there and back.

It seems that tensions between Kanye & Kim have subsided a little, though Kim has stated they are not communicating anymore. This would be a problem for their next-door neighbors.

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