Kanye West Haters Start ‘Make Me a Billionaire Instead’ GoFundMe Campaigns

Kanye West Haters Start 'Make Me a Billionaire Instead' GoFundMe Campaigns thumbnail

Kanye West
Haters Rise Up …
Make Us Billionaires instead!

11/2/2022 1: 00 AM PT

Kanye West has folks trying to help him regain billionaire status via crowdfunding — but his haters have responded with just as much passion.

Here’s the deal … at least one GoFundMe page (possibly more) popped up this week with the goal of making Kanye a billionaire again, soliciting donations … apparently carried out by people who felt he’d been done dirty amid his antisemitism.

It doesn’t sound like any campaigns were successful… they reportedly only made a few dollars before being taken down completely. We’ll get into the reasons why they were removed later.

In response to that nonsense,… even more silliness. Ye haters have rallied in opposition with their own GFMs that are apparently trying to keep him from hitting 10-digits with an interesting strategy — namely, asking that *theybe made billionaires instead.

The pages are appearing en masse with tons of people laying out the logic as… Hey, Kanye! He doesn’t deserve a billionaire yet, but I sure do!

Like we said, it’s all pretty goofy … but the fact these GoFundMes are being created as quickly and widely as they are — from different parts of the world — just speaks to how angry Kanye has made folks in the wake of his controversial remarks/fall from grace.

FWIW These new anti-Ye pages have fallen flat. None have raised more than $25, and a majority are in the $5 – $6 range.

In other words, Kanye’s supporters and haters have a better chance at winning the lottery than making it big from donations. Sources close to the matter tell TMZ that the terms of service at GFM may have explained why the pro-Kanye campaigns were pulled and the anti-Ye ones remain online.

Money must be used on GoFundMe for the purpose listed on the fundraising page… Kanye was not officially a beneficiary so the page was removed.

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