Johnny Depp Claims Amber Heard Was Suicidal When He Tried Leaving Fights

Johnny Depp Claims Amber Heard Was Suicidal When He Tried Leaving Fights thumbnail

Johnny Depp
Amber Was Suicidal
… When I Left Our Fights

4/20/2022 8: 20 AM PT



8: 50 AM PT — Depp is making more claims about Amber, including the allegation that she would drink excessively and do illicit drugs around him — even during periods when he says he was trying to get sober.


JD claims Amber can (and will) drink 2 bottles of wine per night, without problem — and not only that, but he also alleges that he’s seen her use MDMA, mushrooms, and “high velocity speed” throughout their relationship. Johnny claims that she refused to come clean with him.


Another thing… Johnny once more described instances when Amber would pick fights about small things, which he said would often explode beyond his control.

Johnny Depp made a shocking claim in court amid in his defamation case against Amber Heard — alleging his ex would threaten to kill herself when he tried bailing from their fights.

The actor is currently in Day 2 of his testimony. He’s going to be discussing Wednesday’s past dynamic between him and Amber when they were married and living together. He also mentioned that Amber was suicidal. This was one of the most surprising facts.

Check it out… Johnny explains how when they got into these nasty blowouts, which he insists she initiated and dragged out, he would often decide that he needed to get out of the toxic situation. Amber would then spiral downwards.


JD shows Amber desperately trying to stop him leaving — alleging that she would get security involved to stop him at the elevator. He even said that Amber would be in a panic and make suicidal comments about him, such as how she couldn’t live without him. “

He also said that she would sometimes land on his front step in the middle night after he had successfully left the scene.

On Monday Johnny began his testimony by stating that he had never touched Amber — despite her claims — but that he was there to find the truth.

Originally Published — 8: 20 AM PT

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