Jesse Williams ‘Take Me Out’ Nude Video Leaker Ripped By Broadway Theater

Jesse Williams 'Take Me Out' Nude Video Leaker Ripped By Broadway Theater thumbnail

Jesse Williams
Broadway Theater Rips Video Leaker …
‘Gross, and Unacceptable! ‘

5/10/2022 4: 33 PM PT

The Broadway theater where Jesse Williams bares it all is blasting the person who snuck a video of him in the buff and then leaked it online.

Jesse is fully nude in Broadway’s “Take Me Out” show. However, one theatergoer managed to capture a nude scene and post it online for all to see, despite the theater asking that smart phones and other devices be kept in sealed cases prior to the show.

Now 2nd Stage Theater has spoken out following Monday’s leak. “

The leaked video, which was released the day Jesse was nominated in the Tony for Best Performance by an Featured Actor In a Play, shows a full-frontal scene in a shower.

2nd stage says that posting the video online “is a gross, unacceptable violation of trust between actor and audience”… and the theater claims it is trying to get the footage removed from the internet.

It’s not clear how the person was able capture the footage… The cases used to lock up devices cannot be opened in the lobby… and the theater claims it is adding staff to enforce its no-camera policy.

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