Housekeeper Who Found Aaron Carter’s Body Was Homeless Woman He Took In

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Aaron Carter
Housekeeper who found his body

11/12/2022 1: 00 AM PT

Aaron Carter‘s housekeeper — who discovered his body — is a homeless woman he’d taken in … TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar tell us … Aaron and his fiancee, Melanie Miller, went down to Orange County last month for a few nights to visit their son, Prince … who’s currently under the care of Melanie’s mom, as neither parent had physical custody of the child.

While they were in the OC we’re told that Aaron and Melanie received word of a possible break in at their home… their front door had been opened and someone left behind cigarette sticks.

According to our sources, a friend encouraged them to find someone to house-sit if/when they moved out of Lancaster. It turned out that the friend had a friend from his church who was homeless in mind.


We were told that Melanie and Aaron met her and she was a good match. So they made a deal in which they would give her a place to stay for free in exchange for her keeping an eye on it. She would also be available to do odd jobs around property.

As we reported … it was this same woman who found Aaron dead in his bathtub over the weekend, and who called 911. She has only been there for 2 weeks.

No word on what will happen to her right now. There’s been a lot of activity at Aaron’s Lancaster home the past few days — so she may well be forced to move out after all this.

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