Halftime Report: Mississippi Valley at Jackson State

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Halftime report of the Mississippi Valley State versus Jackson State football game in Week 4 of HBCU football action.

Halftime report of the Mississippi Valley State versus Jackson State football game in Week 4 of HBCU football action.

MSVU 1st Drive

  • MVSU Caleb Johnson bursts through the JSU line for a 50 yard run!
  • TD MVSU on a post pass to Jacory Rankin for 25 yards.
  • 3 plays on the first drive
  • MVSU has a 3-play, 75-yard drive for the first score of the game over JSU. MVSU 7, JSU 0 13: 38 in the first qtr. Key Play: 50-yard opening play run by RB Caleb Johnson.

Score: MVSU 7, JSU 0

JSU 1st Drive

  • Big Play Willie Gaines took a Shedeur Sanders pass 42 yards for a touchdown.
  • 11: 55 left in the 1st qtr.
  • Score knotted at 7 apiece. Drive: 5 plays, 75 yards

Score: MVSU 7, JSU 7

BCU 2nd Drive

  • 3 and out. After an early sack on the 1st down, JSU defense held.
  • Punt

JSU 2nd Drive

  • Willie Gaines had a great punt return to start the Tigers in Devils territory at the 25-yard line. The excellent punt return is negated by a holding penalty.
  • Early takeaway: JSU running the football inside the tackles.
  • Sanders sacked to the 32-yard line by DE Ronnie Thomas. 3rd and 19.
  • 3 and out. Punt.

MVSU 3rd Drive

  • MVSU is running well against the Tigers defense.
  • JSU calls timeout.
  • Punt

JSU 3rd Drive

  • A great run by Wilkerson for a 30-yard touchdown after getting hit by three MVSU defenders! Excellent balance.
  • JACKSON ST. drive 11 plays 90 yards; 1: 17 left in the 1st qtr.

MVSU 7, JSU 14

MVSU 4th Drive

  • Jones sacked by DL Davis for 4 yards.
  • 3 and out

JSU 4th Drive

  • 19 seconds remaining in the first quarter.

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MVSU 7, JSU 14


JSU 4th Drive (cont’d)

  • Punt after a penalty negated a Sanders to Gaines touchdown.

MVSU 5th Drive

  • Valley near midfield and gets a Caleb Johnson rush for the first down.
  • A false start and an illegal forward pass results in a 4th down.
  • 8: 40 left before halftime.

JSU 5th Drive

  • Dallas Daniels with a good pass and catch play from Sanders, bounced off his own player, spun and ran to the 40-yard line.
  • Roughing the passer on Valley. Ball on the 17 yard line.
  • Wilkerson runs for 15-yard line. He is a bowling ball runner. He is impossible to stop by the Valley defenders.
  • Wilkerson fumbles the football at the 1-yard line and MVSU recovers in the endzone.
  • It’s the third time this season that JSU fumbles inside the 10-yard line and leaves without points.

MVSU 6th Drive

  • QB Jones has a huge run for the Devils to the JSU 40-yard line.
  • Coach Dancy upset with officials after missing a hit on his QB.
  • Jones’ helmet came off, players from both teams exchange pushes.
  • 3rd and 11.
  • Jones for hit from behind by No. 42 J. Brown. Incomplete pass. 4th and 11. Devils punt.
  • 4: 20 remaining

JSU 6th Drive

  • Timeout at 3: 03
  • Shedeur Sanders missed Kevin Coleman who was wide open behind the MVSU secondary.
  • Sanders tosses a pass to Marshall who eludes a defender and sprints for a first down.
  • Ball at 13 with 1: 18 left.
  • Tackle at the 11 with 54 seconds.
  • FLAG! Passer penalty for roughing by No. 50 gives JSU an automatic first down.
  • Dancy is frustrated with the officials.
  • Sanders slides.
  • Sanders to JD Martin on a swing pass for a 5-yard touchdown play before halftime. 10 seconds left. Matta has an extra point.

Score: MVSU 7, JSU 21


Mississippi Valley State 7, Jackson State 21

Injury Report:

  • MVSU RG Davis injured in the 2nd qtr.

First Half Summary and Key Stats:

  • JSU was not having a balanced offensive attack in the first quarter.
  • MVSU penalties keeps them from the redzone and helped to extend JSU drives.
  • Coach frustrations are being felt by the players.

Key Plays

  • Willie Gains Bomb for TD/
  • Holding penalty negates another Willie Gains TD.
  • Wilkerson fumbles the football into the endzone for a turnover.
  • Roughing the passer penalty on Valley gave the Tigers a first down inside the 6 yard line. 44 seconds remaining.

First-Half Standout Players/Performances

  • JSU
  • QB Shedeur Sanders: 19/21, 189 yards, 1 TD, 181.8 rating
  • WR Daniels: 6 rec, 77 yards
  • Gaines: 1 TD
  • MVSU
    • 2/6, 24 yards 1 TD; 8 rushes, 67 yards
    • Johnson: 8 rushes, 61 yards

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