Hailey Bieber’s Skincare Company ‘Rhode’ Sued For Trademark Infringement

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Hailey Bieber
New Skincare Line Sued By Same-Name Company
… You Stole Our Name

6/21/2022 11: 17 AM PT


11: 37 AM PT — A source connected to Hailey’s brand tells us she owns the trademark for skincare, and the other Rhode holds the trademark for clothing. Hailey Rhode Bieber is also the source.

Hailey Bieber and her new skincare line are being dragged to court already … they’re getting sued for trademark infringement by a fashion line of the same name.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, clothing company Rhode NYC claims Hailey and her business, Rhode, taken from her middle name, could easily wash away all the hard work they’ve put into their brand.

They say Hailey and co. previously tried to acquire the “RHODE” trademark but owners Purna Khatau and Phoebe Vickers refused to give it up. Rhode NYC, founded in 2013, claims the “Rhode” logo looks very similar to the one they have.

They believe Hailey’s celebrity status is the reason her company is already taking off … not to mention her famous husband Justin Bieber has also promoted the company to his 243 million Instagram followers.

The owners claim they have already faced problems online… people have been tagging Hailey’s company by mistake instead. This they believe shows that there is clearly confusion among consumers.

They are asking the judge for Hailey’s company, Rhode, to stop using their name and come up a new name to avoid further confusion and damage to their brand.

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