Georgia Football is Becoming an Anomaly in College Football

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Many expected a slight drop in Georgia’s defensive abilities prior to this season. Losing 15 total players to the NFL draft and 10 of those not just being defensive players but starters. This is a lot of turnover to manage and bounce back from, but Kirby Smart and his team have managed it.

Georgia is currently No. 11 in the nation for points per game averaging 40.1, No. No. 3 in total offense and No. 2 for points allowed this season. 2 for points allowed this year. After knocking off Tennessee, the Bulldogs are now just one win away clinching their fifth divisional championship in seven seasons under Smart. They also have the chance to make the third appearance in the college football playoff.

Despite Georgia’s undefeated season, holds the No. The No. 1 ranking has two of the most impressive wins in college football. Smart and his team have had an incredible season and it is something the college football world has not seen before. Looking back at other teams who experienced a mass exodus of players due to leaving for the NFL, it is clear that no one could achieve what Georgia is doing.

Following the 2018 season, Alabama had just appeared in the national championship game and then had 12 players taken in the draft. They finished second in their division, losing two games during regular season.

After the 2019 season, LSU had 14 players drafted after winning a national championship. The Tigers went 5-5 the next season and didn’t even make it to a bowl game.

Back in 2014, Florida State made the college football playoff and then had 11 players drafted into the NFL. In their next season, they went 10-3 and finished second in their division after going 13-1 in their previous season.

Even in 2003 Ohio State went 11-2, finished No. 4 in the AP poll, and then had 14 players drafted. The Buckeyes finished fifth in their conference and went on to win the Alamo bowl.

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So four different examples within the last 20 years where teams had more than ten players taken in the draft and experienced a drop off in their next season. Georgia lost more players than any other team and is still a favorite to win the SEC championship and the national title. What Smart and his staff did this season is unusual. It is not normal for a team that loses so many starters in an offseason to then not miss one beat the following season. This should not be possible. Smart and his team managed to accomplish the impossible. Not after the team’s defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach, as well as the offensive line coach, all left in the same offseason.

Part of it has to do Georgia’s success in recruiting every year, but it also has to deal with how Smart and his staff have trained players. It’s how true freshman Malaki Starks, who is now a starter, looks like one the best football players every week. This Georgia team, which was supposed to be inexperienced has turned out to be far more than that.

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