George Floyd Family Exploring Lawsuit Options Against Kanye, Candace Owens

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George Floyd
Family Explores Lawsuit Options …
Against Kanye, Candace

10/17/2022 10: 16 AM PT


11: 32 AM PT — Floyd family attorney Lee Merritt joined us Monday on ‘TMZ Live’ to further explain the potential lawsuit that might be filed against Kanye West — and it sounds like intentional inflection of emotional distress might be the route they pursue.



He claims George’s brother, Philonise, is determined to bring some type of legal action against Ye – with LM explaining that he was angry Sunday when he heard the Drink Champs’ comments. Lee claims that the idea that Chauvin died from an overdose, and not Chauvin’s knee on its neck, is misinformation that has been proven false in court… and accepted by a jury.


Finally, Lee tells us that the fact it was Kanye going after GF made this all the more personal and hurtful. Remember, he set up a college fund for George’s daughter in 2020.

George Floyd‘s family is openly considering a potential lawsuit against Kanye West and Candace Owens — a case that could be similar to the blockbuster one against Alex Jones, but also different in some key ways.

Civil rights attorney Lee Merritt, who’s repping the fam, tells TMZ … he’s exploring all possible legal avenues to bring a potential lawsuit over what Kanye said about George on the new “Drink Champs” episode — and he’s also looking into what Candace put out in her new documentary.

Lee has already stated that a defamation suit is not possible because George is dead, but he is investigating other possible avenues the Floyd estate, George Floyd foundation, or family members could bring claims — one of which could be emotional distress.

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Kanye did not mention George’s family members. However, his statements and allegedly the Owens documentary could still have a negative effect on them. Merritt is therefore pursuing grounds to sue them.


The bigger point here, though, is that Lee wants Kanye and Candace to understand statements like the ones they’re putting out in the world — namely that George died from a fentanyl OD and pre-existing conditions, but not Derek Chauvin‘s knee — are false and hurtful.


Lee explains that this type of rhetoric undermines Floyd’s efforts to pass legislation like the George Floyd Policing Act and their work at-large. He also says it deflects blame from the officers who’ve been convicted in connection to his murder, especially Chauvin.

There’s still much to do before any paperwork is filed. We were told that Lee and the family must go through Candace’s doc, “The Greatest Lies Ever Sold,” to find out what she said and whether there’s grounds to file legal action.

Lee believes he will have a more detailed outline of his possible causes of action this week. Although he says that the family has not discussed a dollar amount they would like to sue for, it is a good bet that they would try to get punitive damage — and given Kanye’s worth, those damages would need to be several millions to punish him.

Originally Published — 10: 16 AM PT

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