Former MLB Pitcher T.J. House Comes Out as Gay

Former MLB Pitcher T.J. House Comes Out as Gay thumbnail

T.J. House, an ex-MLB pitcher who played with the Blue Jays and Cleveland from 2013 through ’17, announced his engagement on Thursday to Ryan Neitzel and came out as gay.

House made the announcement as he addressed Congress’ Respect for Marriage Act.

“Today’s passage of The Respect for Marriage Act ensures that we have the same rights as you do,” House wrote on Thursday’s personal Facebook page .

“It provides the same benefits. It makes us equal to each other. It allows Ryan Neitzel to be with me and create something wonderful. It gives me the confidence to propose to the person I love and to marry them. My wonderful fiancé is a great inspiration and pushes me to be a better person every day. To live my life fully. … I’m finally healing, and days like today are what helps me continue to grow into the person I’ve been all along, one I’ve locked up for 20-plus years. Today I am loved.”

House played four years in the big leagues, recording a 4. 44 ERA, 5-7 record on the plate. After three years in Cleveland, he spent his final season with Toronto in 2017..

House, along with Glenn Burke and Billy Bean, is the third gay former MLB player.

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