Famed Comic Book Artist George Pérez Dead at 67

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Famed Illustrator
George Perez Dead at 67 …
DC, Marvel Comics Legend

5/7/2022 11: 32 AM PT

George Perez — one of the most famous and prolific comic book artists of our time, with work in both DC and Marvel — has died.

The famed penciller, who was surrounded by his family and friends, died Friday at his home. This was according to his official Facebook page which announced the sad news. Perez was diagnosed last year with pancreatic cancer, which some outlets attribute to his death.

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The tribute reads in part… “Everyone is familiar with George’s legacy as an artist. His stories, characters, and art will be remembered for many years. However, this legacy is not as significant as the legacy of George. George’s true legacy was his kindness. It was his love for others that brought him joy. I hope you all have that with you. “

Perez is, perhaps, best known for his work in DC … although he technically got his start with Marvel, contributing drawings to the ‘Avengers’ series and ‘The Fantastic Four’ in the ’70s.

It wasn’t long, though, that he transitioned to DC — where he did some of his most iconic artwork to date … including helping launch “The New Teen Titans” in ’85 alongside writer Marv Wolfman. They added key characters to the squad that would later become widely known and beloved on Cartoon Network in the 2000s — namely, Starfire, Cyborg and Raven.

The new comic became a smash hit, but Perez wasn’t done leaving his mark with DC — in addition to ‘TNTT,’ he also helped draw what became a divisive comic book series entry … “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” for which he drew much of the main art in the mid-’80s.

‘Crisis’ was big because it kinda put an end to the whole concept of the multiverse — which was running rampant at the time in comics — and unified all the DC superheroes in world/universe/earth … and killing A LOT of the main costumed crusaders along the way.

In fact, so many heroes were knocked off… that DC eventually had the need to reboot everything in order to create new stories with some fan favorites still in place.

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Perez was a comic book legend who steered the company through its most important years. His work will be remembered for many years. He was 67.


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