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Winter lake

The Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, also known as “LBL”, is the most popular reason to visit Cadiz, Kentucky’s friendliest town. Cadiz, Kentucky offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a quick getaway to see wildlife or a longer stay to explore the charming main street and its many antiques.

While Cadiz is an excellent place to visit at any time of the year it is also a wonderful location to spend a weekend or a week during winter. Because there are fewer trees and less forest underbrush, wildlife viewing is more possible than at other times of year. This means you can perhaps experience first-hand the majesty of the regal American Bald Eagle, a bulging bison weighing upwards of 2,000, the guttural bugling echoes of the nature preserve–including the sounds of antlers clashing– or the harems of female elk, including perhaps an impressive 700-pound elk or two. Winter is the best time to go on a winter tour by boat or van and see the many amazing creatures that call this area home.

Camping can be found all year round in the Land Between the Lakes. There are many campgrounds available, including Energy Lake, Hurricane Creek and Turkey Bay. Each campground has its own unique characteristics that make it stand out from the rest. Turkey Bay is a popular destination for off-roaders and ATV riders. There are hundreds of miles of trails in this area, with varying difficulty levels. All types of vehicles are welcome.

Lake Barkley State Park Resort
Lake Barkley State Park Resort
Cadiz Lodging
Cadiz Lodging

The Wranglers Campground could be another option for camping in the area. This campground offers 220 well-defined sites with electrical hookups and more, and 12 cabins are also available for rent. In addition, this campground features over 100 miles of horse trails to enjoy as well as stalls, farrier and blacksmith services and an activity court. Horses have the right of way in this campground.

Even in winter, hiking trails are very popular. You have a variety of options, including the Woodlands Nature Watch which allows you to view the wildlife in the LBL. Another option is the Hematite Trail, which is a 2.2-mile loop and is well-known for its diversity in woodland wildflowers and reptiles. The 1/4-mile Long Creek Paved Trail is an ideal choice for those who prefer a gentle walk to a strenuous hike.

Keep the above activities in mind when planning a visit to the LBL this winter. There are many more activities you can do, but these are just a few.

Enjoy your time in the area by stopping by the historic downtown, where you will find restaurants, shops, and other retail outlets of all types. Many local eateries offer a wide range of locally grown produce and meats.

Some people visit the winter wilderness to enjoy the peace and quiet of it. Others prefer the pleasantries of a good meal with southern cooking and discovering the specialty shops while strolling through the historic downtown. There are many options available. You can enjoy the charm of rural life by combining all of the above. Cadiz, Kentucky awaits you.

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