Elon Musk and Twitter Lawsuit Hits Deposition Delays, Elon Might Take Action

Elon Musk and Twitter Lawsuit Hits Deposition Delays, Elon Might Take Action thumbnail

Elon vs. Twitter
Deposition Delays
Elon Wants Twitter CEO Punished

9/26/2022 1: 45 PM PT

Elon Musk‘s legal team was all set to grill Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal Monday — but it never happened, and now EM’s team is considering filing action to hold Agrawal in contempt.

Sources who have direct knowledge of the matter tell TMZ that Elon’s lawyers flew to the west coast Monday to conduct Agrawal’s deposition in the lawsuit against Twitter for backing down on his purchase of the company. Sources close to Elon claim Parag was unexpectedly absent, but Twitter folks insist that this is nonsense.

According to our Twitter sources, both sides had agreed on Sunday that Monday’s deposition would have to be rescheduled for personal reasons and will instead take place later in the week.


Now our Elon sources claim that Parag’s legal team may ask the judge for contempt for missing depo… which could have serious consequences even before the trial which is scheduled to begin in October. 17.

Other reports suggested Elon was also supposed to sit for a depo Monday in Delaware, but Elon’s attorney, Alex Spiro, tells TMZ, “It’s a lie.” He also claims that the Parag’s depo was still to be held in San Francisco on Monday.

Remember, this is all about Twitter trying to force Elon to buy the company like he said he would … only to then reverse course when he claimed Twitter wasn’t being forthright about spambot data and security-related problems with the platform.

Elon claims that the lack of transparency gives it the right to renegotiate the deal. But Twitter wants him to stick to it. It appears that this thing is going to trial, despite rumors of a settlement.

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