Drake London: Falcons Could ‘Easily’ Be Undefeated, Says Rookie, as Atlanta Readies for Tom Brady’s Bucs

Drake London: Falcons Could ‘Easily’ Be Undefeated, Says Rookie, as Atlanta Readies for Tom Brady's Bucs thumbnail

The Atlanta Falcons could “easily” be undefeated right now, asserts rookie receiver Drake London.

Do the numbers support that semi-boast?

Atlanta started the 2022 NFL season by losing to the New Orleans Saints by just one point, 27-26 in Week 1. So … check.

In Week 2, Atlanta lost to the Rams, 30-27. So … check.

In Week 3, the Falcons got a 27-23 win over the Seahawks, and now in Week 4 they’ve tucked away a decision over the Cleveland Browns in a 23-20 victory.

So … as Atlanta readies for a trip to Tampa (and a visit with newsworthy Tom Brady), London and the fellas are 2-2 and tied with the Bucs for the NFC South lead. 


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“Everybody knows in this building that we could easily be 3-0 right now,” London said during an interview on the Keyshawn, JWill & Max Show. (We’ve had a) lot of self-inflicted wounds that we’re trying to clean up and once we get those cleaned up I think we’re gonna get the ball rolling.”

London, the first-round rookie from this year, has joined last year’s top Falcons rookie Kyle Pitts as dangerous weapons in the Falcons offense. London’s numbers so far: 18 catches for 231 yards and two TDs.

‘It’s been fun (and) it’s had its challenges,” the USC product said of his rookie season, “and it’s still gonna have its challenges, but right now (I’m) just navigating my way through and I think I’m doing a decent job at that.”

London was asked at what he needs to improve.

“Everything,” said the 6-4 London. “I got a lot to work on and that’s what I’m so excited for. I feel like I’m just scratching the surface and I’m excited for the years to come, so I’ll have to say ‘everything.”

And if he accomplishes his “everything”? London’s team might just keep winning games.

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