Dodgers: Iconic Museum Screened ’42’ To Honor Jackie Robinson’s 104th Birthday

Dodgers: Iconic Museum Screened '42' To Honor Jackie Robinson's 104th Birthday thumbnail

The Jackie Robinson Museum continues to preserve the legacy of the Dodger great.

Next week will be the 104th birthday of Dodgers legend, Jackie Robinson, as many remember his birthday on January 31.

To commemorate his greatness and the legacy he left in the world of baseball and beyond, the Jackie Robinson Museum decided to screen the film ‘42’ this weekend.

The Jackie Robinson Museum is located in New York City and is run by the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

The museum serves to teach individuals about Robinson through conversation, exhibitions, and education. The foundation also focuses on preserving the Dodger great’s legacy while also giving scholarships to minority youths. 

The film’s screening took place this Saturday, January 28, at 2 pm at the Jackie Robinson Museum located at One Hudson Square Building, 75 Varick St in New York City.

‘42’ was originally released in theaters in April 2013 and grossed $97.5 million. The film was well received by the public, as many enjoyed the performances of the late, great Chadwick Boseman alongside Harrison Ford.

Viewers had the chance to watch the bibliographical movie once again as it traces Robinson’s important journey where he broke down racial barriers and became the first Black athlete to play in Major League Baseball.

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