Dodgers: Fans React to The Chris Taylor Award News

Dodgers: Fans React to The Chris Taylor Award News thumbnail

The Dodgers do-it-all guy Chris “Utility Man” Taylor is among five finalists for the silver slugger award in the utility position. The silver slugger award is handed to the best offensive player at each position, voted by coaches and managers from each respective league.

The silver slugger awards will be given out on November 10th on MLB Network.

This is the first time players who play different positions throughout the year will be awarded.

Chris Taylor has been the Dodgers’ top utility man since joining the club in 2016. However, his 2022 season has been a forgettable one, and fans were not shy to share their opinions on CT3 being one of the finalists.

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The 2022 season for Taylor was full of injuries and constant strikeouts at the plate. Neck, foot, and knee injuries kept CT3 from reaching his full potential and significantly contributing to the Boys in Blue.

I’m surprised that Taylor was a finalist for an offensive award. Taylor had a down year, and his numbers dropped slightly from 2021. 

Taylor had 105 fewer at-bats from 2021 to 2022, and his strikeout totals were almost the same. He had 167 in 2021 and finished with 160 in 2022 with that many fewer ABs. 

That number is astonishing for someone who was given a lot of money during the off-season.

Nonetheless, being a finalist for a silver slugger award is a huge accomplishment, and six finalists for the Dodgers is incredible. 

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