Dave Chappelle Hosts ‘SNL’ And Targets Kanye West’s Antisemitic Rants

Dave Chappelle Hosts 'SNL' And Targets Kanye West's Antisemitic Rants thumbnail

Chappelle Targets Your Antisemitic Rants

11/13/2022 6: 23 AM PT

Dave Chappelle zeroed in on Kanye during his opening monologue Saturday night on ‘SNL,’ explaining why Kanye now wears his chains outside his shirt.

Dave had an unusually long open — 15 minutes — and he spent lots of it talking about Ye’s antisemitic rants. He said that it was not a embrace of the Jewish community, but that it is not normal to believe Jews run Hollywood.

Chappelle went on to say he denounces antisemitism and stands with his Jewish friends … adding those words would have helped Kanye “buy time. “

Dave said Kanye’s words would so hateful even Adidas dropped him, and they were founded by the Nazis.


He went on to talk Kyrie Iriving and the midterms, calling Trump “an honest liar” and Herschel Walker “observably stupid.

Here is what Dave didn’t do… specifically address the allegations that he is transphobic. He does allude to it at the very end, talking about folks who want to cancel him.

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