Danish Actor Mads Mikkelsen Skewers Method Acting, Calls It ‘BS’

Danish Actor Mads Mikkelsen Skewers Method Acting, Calls It 'BS' thumbnail

Danish Actor Mads Mikkelsen
Yeah. Method Acting is “BS” …
You can be either good or not

4/9/2022 4: 15 PM PT

There’s a lot of actors these days who take their craft very, VERY seriously — refusing to break character while on set … a technique Mads Mikkelsen is calling absolutely absurd.

The Danish actor — who most recently replaced Johnny Depp in ‘Fantastic Beasts,’ and who has a crap ton of other credits over the years — let his honest opinions on method acting fly in an interview with GQ UK … saying getting that into character for a role is “bull. “

“Make every stepping stone the most important thing in your life. That means everything you do is going to be the last and the best thing.”https://t.co/EoPTpljLNE

— British GQ (@BritishGQ) April 9, 2022

In his sit-down with the mag, they say he was made aware of Lady Gaga reportedly continuing to act as Patrizia Reggiani in ‘House of Gucci,’ even when cameras weren’t rolling. Ditto for ‘Succession’ star Jeremy Strong — who’s been reported to have taken things to uncomfortable extremes on different productions of his.

But Mads doesn’t like the so-called commitment. He does admit that he prepares well for roles, including learning skills to show on camera. But he also notes that preparation is not a substitute for insanity. “

He says, “What if it was a smovie — what do you think that you achieved?” I am impressed that you didn’t lose character! It was a mistake to not drop your character from the beginning. How do you prepare to be a serial killer? It’s likely that you will spend two years investigating it. “

Mads essentially makes this distinction … you’re either a great actor, or you aren’t — and he believes that while Daniel Day-Lewis (the king of method) has, perhaps, pretentiously taken things too far in the past … he also thinks the dude’s just inherently fantastic at what he does, which is why it works. It’s not so much about the deep devotion to a role.

Of course, more and more actors are all in on method lately — especially Jared Leto, who infamously stayed in character for a number of roles … including when he starred as the Joker in ‘Suicide Squad,’ for which he reportedly caught flak from castmates and crew.

Even as recently as his shoot on ‘Morbius’ — a character depicted as a disabled doctor-turned-superhero who can’t walk properly — Leto is reported to have stayed in character by using crutches everywhere on set. But when time was of the essence and he had to whizz … the guy apparently hopped into a wheelchair and rolled himself to the John.

Indeed. It seems that Mads’ point is that you can do whatever character-y stuff you like, but a good actor doesn’t necessarily need to endure what their character does in order to deliver a great performance.

Food for thought.

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