Christian McCaffrey Suiting up Against the Chiefs Will be “A Tall Order”

Christian McCaffrey Suiting up Against the Chiefs Will be "A Tall Order" thumbnail

Christian McCaffrey attended the 49ers’ Friday practice.

His participation in practice, even though it was a limited participation, gives him the chance to be available Sunday when the 49ers face the Chiefs.

It feels a huge stretch that McCaffrey can go on such short notice. However, Kyle Shanahan would not hesitate to have him dress up for a few plays to give the crowd an electric roar. McCaffrey’s preparation for the game is a difficult task.

” It’s a difficult task,” John Lynch stated. “We will do what is right for Christian. What’s right for our team. It’s a big task, but we’ll see if we can speed it up. He wants to (play). I’ll let the coaches and whatnot do that to get Christian up-to-speed, but I do believe that it’s a big task and we’d love to have him. However, it’s a lot of asking, so we’ll make a thoughtful decision. “

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Initially when the trade occurred, I gave zero chance on McCaffrey playing against the Chiefs. Now, I believe he will play. Shanahan will want him get that touchdown immediately if the 49ers ever find themselves in a goalline situation. Shanahan could give him a quick screen. He gets five snaps on Sunday, and they don’t all have to be with him getting his ball. The 49ers wanted him to act as a decoy, so expect that to happen.

Just imagine how much Levi’s Stadium will shake as McCaffrey enters. It will be so magical that everyone at home will feel the earthquake and feel it. The 49ers, and their fans, will be excited to face the Chiefs after they ruined their Super Bowl LIV appearance. McCaffrey will be on the field and it will only get better, especially if he scores a big gain.

“That decision would have to be made by the coach,” McCaffrey said. “Preparing to get ready and ready for roll, but that’s not mine. It’s Shanahan’s decision, and it’s an easy one for him.

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