Chargers’ Joey Bosa Rips NFL Officials for Lack of Accountability

Chargers’ Joey Bosa Rips NFL Officials for Lack of Accountability thumbnail

The Chargers loss on Saturday night came with some controversy, as the team was upset with the referees amid the Jaguars’ 27-point comeback. That came to a head when pass rusher Joey Bosa was given an unsportsmanlike penalty that led to a key Jacksonville two-point conversion.

Bosa acknowledged that the heat of the game got him when he lost frustration over what he thought were multiple missed holding calls, but he still thinks the officials need to be more accountable.

“It’s a heated game, I’m hurting out there, I’m playing with half a leg, I’m getting dragged to the ground,” he said. “Maybe some of them weren’t as blatant as I thought, but I just think there needs to be more accountability.”

The Chargers were called for seven penalties in the game, while Jacksonville was only called for three.

Bosa took things one step further, accusing the referees of relishing in the penalties that he believes played a role in the Chargers’ loss.

“If I say something to them I get a $40,000 fine but if they blow a call that ruins an entire team’s season, they’re probably back in the locker room like ‘Haha, got that a——, got him 15 yards, what a loser,’” Bosa said. “I guarantee that’s what they’re f—— talking about in the back.”

Finally, Bosa ended his point by giving a quick statement about his thoughts on NFL officials right now.

“I’m sick of those f—— people,” he said.

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