Bryan Kohberger Reportedly Wore Surgical Gloves, Emptied Trash in Neighbor’s Bins

Bryan Kohberger Reportedly Wore Surgical Gloves, Emptied Trash in Neighbor's Bins thumbnail

Wore Surgery Gloves, Remove Trash from Neighbor’s Bins
… According to New Report

1/6/2023 7: 30 AM PT

Bryan Kohberger seemed to try to do everything he could in order to prevent investigators from obtaining his DNA — wearing gloves and even hiding his trash in a neighbor’s bin — according to a new report.

A law enforcement source tells CNN detectives kept tabs on Kohberger while at his parent’s Pennsylvania home in the days leading up to his arrest. According to the source, Kohberger “cleaned his car inside and out, not missing an inch.” “

The source also said that Kohberger was seen wearing surgical gloves around his home more than once… and was seen leaving the home at 4 AM to put trash bags in a neighbor’s bin.

If the report is true, Kohberger may have had a hunch that authorities were watching him and trying to get his DNA.

Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger Stalked Victims for Months Before Killings

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Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger Accused of Killing Victims Months Before.

As we reported, cops say Kohberger’s phone pinged near the Idaho murder house at least 12 times before the 4 college kids were stabbed to death.

In chilling court docs, obtained by TMZ, one of the roommates told investigators she heard cries and a male voice say “It’s ok, I’m going to help you” around 4 AM coming from victim Xana Kernodle‘s room the morning of the killings. She then says she observed a male, 5’10 or taller, dressed in black with a mask on walk past her bedroom.


Kohberger is currently in custody in Idaho. He had a first court appearance Thursday where he showed zero emotion. Kohberger was held without bond.

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