‘Blue’s Clues’ Steve Burns Has Reunion with Make-A-Wish Patient 22 Years Later

'Blue's Clues' Steve Burns Has Reunion with Make-A-Wish Patient 22 Years Later thumbnail

‘Blues Clues’ star Steve Burns
Reunion with Make-A-Wish patient …
22 Years in the Making!!!

12/26/2022 1: 00 AM PT

“Blue’s Clues” star Steve Burns unlocked a memory buried deep inside when a cancer survivor visited him at a convention — turns out they’d met 2 decades earlier thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Brandon Ragland tells TMZ … he’s been in remission for more than 23 years and recently reconnected with Steve at Steel City Con in Pennsylvania, some 22 years after their first face-to-face under much different circumstances.

It’s pretty cool … Brandon says he walked up to Steve’s booth, shook the actor’s hand and pulled out a picture of the 2 of them from 2000 — back when Steve was a Make-A-Wish kid — and it all clicked for Steve, whose eyes lit up and said, “I remember this and you! “

Brandon said that Steve told him a story about their first meeting at Serendipity 3 NYC. Brandon was 4 years old when he met his favorite TV star. Steve recalls that he was a wild child running around in the restaurant.

When Steve asked Brandon to take a new picture together, they both began crying. You can understand why all the water works — Brandon had stage 4 cancer in his kidneys and lungs when they first met, and now he’s 25 with a family of his own.

Brandon said that Steve then pulled him into a hug and said, “This made my entire life and I’m so glad to be here. “

Since then, they’ve kept in touch via social media and Steve’s made it clear that he’s proud of Brandon’s health.

BTW. Their OG Make-A-Wish Experience back in the day included dinner and a Toys “R” Us shopping spree… and tickets for “Blue’s Clues Live” NYC.

Sounds as if the second meeting was even more sweet.

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