Bill Maher Says Gender Reassignment with Kids Has Gone Too Far

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Bill Maher
Gender Reassignment With Kids Has Gone Too Far

5/21/2022 6: 51 AM PT

Bill Maher ventures into dicey areas all the time, and he did not disappoint Friday night when he argued … gender reassignment with kids has gone too far.

The “Real Time” host began his weekly editorial with some interesting stats … before 1946, only . 08% of the population identified as LGBTQ. This number jumped to 2.6% for Baby Boomers. It shot up again to 4.2% with Gen X, 10.5% among Millennials and 20.8% with Gen Z.

Maher believes that a lot of the increase in percentages is good. That people feel comfortable enough to tell a pollster who they are. However, his view is that some of this rise can be attributed to trendiness. It’s trendy to be LGBTQ.

Bill’s argument may be funny, but at its core he is saying that children’s feelings are not always innate. He says they react to trends, friends, and social media. Parents should not force their children to change genders until the child is confident in their self-identity. He focuses on hormone blockers in young children, which he believes have been overlooked.

It’s an interesting and controversial argument that he makes. Listen to him and decide for yourself.

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