Armie Hammer Sued by AmEx Over Unpaid Balance of $67k

Armie Hammer Sued by AmEx Over Unpaid Balance of $67k thumbnail

Armie Hammer
Sued By AmEx …
He’s Dodging $67k Balance!!!

10/24/2022 3: 05 PM PT


3: 19 PM PT — A source with direct knowledge tells us this was a joint account Armie Hammer had with his estranged wife, Elizabeth Chambers, we’re told it’ll be resolved as they iron out the final details of the divorce.

Armie Ham has put an end to his acting career and is now looking for big paydays. A credit card company is after him for a large amount they claim he owes.

American Express is suing the disgraced actor, claiming he owes upwards of nearly $67,000 for unpaid charges and/or cash advances, plus balance transfers. Unclear when he allegedly racked up the balance, but AmEx says he’s had the account since 2011.

AmEx claims that they have demanded Armie to pay up in the past, but they claim Armie hasn’t paid the balance… and they’re taking him to court.

2011 is right around the time Armie’s career started blowing up. He was fresh from a stellar performance in “The Social Network” and had booked a part in “J. Edgar.’ Thereafter, his fame skyrocketed … only to come crashing down in 2021 amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

As of a couple months ago, it appears he’s been working out in the Caymans selling timeshares.

Originally Published — 3: 05 PM PT

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