Afroman Falls Off Stage During New Hampshire Concert

Afroman Falls Off Stage During New Hampshire Concert thumbnail

Tumbles Off Stage During Song …
‘Because I Got High’

11/19/2022 6: 25 AM PT

Afroman took a nasty spill during his concert in New Hampshire Friday night … but, thankfully, he wasn’t hurt — and even finished his performance with a big smile.

The rapper was performing his hit “Because I Got High” near the end his set at Wally’s in Hampton Beach, when Afroman and the mishap occurred.

Check out this video, obtained from TMZ. Afroman is moving around the stage holding a drink as the packed crowd dances to his music. He suddenly falls off the stage and plummets into a pit as his drink flies high above the air.

At first, the audience is shocked as Afroman’s handlers rush to check on him and get him back on stage. Afroman turned out to be more than OK. He shared a big grin with his fans, and he went back into the song.

Afroman's Home Raided by Cops in Ohio, Says He Needs Ben Crump

Afroman’s Ohio Home is Raided by Cops. He Says He Needs Ben Crump

Earlier in the show, DJ had technical issues with his laptop… but Afroman sorted it out and impressed everyone with his guitar playing.

It’s good to see Afroman back in business. You may recall that police raided Afroman’s Ohio home in August, apparently looking for drugs. But they came up empty-handed. Although Afroman was not arrested or charged with any crime, the investigation is ongoing.

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